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February 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to inform you of the next staff training event at Beaufort Co-operative Academy.

This will take place on Wednesday 28th February at 8.30a.m to 9.30a.m. Students should therefore arrive at 9.30a.m on that day only. John Dix buses will be adjusted accordingly.

The day will run as follows:

8.30 a.m        Staff Training

9.30 a.m        Student Registration

9.40 a.m        Period 1 

10.30 a.m     Period 2

11.20 a.m     Break 

11.40 a.m     Period 3 

12.30 p.m     Period 4

1.20 p.m        Lunch

All times as per usual from this time.

If childcare is an issue, requiring you to drop off your child at the ‘normal’ times, please contact your child’s Head of Year to arrange this.

Yours sincerely

David Bishop