2017 October Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers

People are at the heart of every organisation and good people are at the heart of every good organisation. Trish Pepler has been with us, supporting
students, for 16 years and today retires. Very well deserved that is too. Trish will be missed for her patience, humour, level
headedness and work ethic. We wish her well.

Beaufort is full of people like Trish. Experts in their fields who put children first (and second and third). They come to work, challenge,
engage, inspire, enthuse and enjoy learning with our students. That is why it is such a great place to work.

Record numbers of parents have viewed the academy this term, in time to make their secondary school choices by 31st October. If you or people you know would like to come and have a last tour before the deadline for submission of forms just ring us. I have led many of the tours myself and it is always a pleasure seeing students in action and being so enthusiastic about their school. The comments from parents are overwhelmingly positive and
recognise the hard work that goes in to constant improvement and the maintenance of high standards of
behaviour, uniform, conduct and academic success.

The building project is progressing rapidly and will be ready to receive our
largest year seven ever next September – 254. Five new science labs are ready and phase three – two more – will begin after half term. The new labs are brilliant and will raise further the standards of teaching and learning in science by providing a top quality facility for practical and theory science. We are right on schedule and will hand over all aspects of the £5 million project by August 2018.

Many thanks for your continued support. Enjoy the break.

Take Care

David Bishop

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