Letter to Parents & Carers - 24th January 2018

24th January 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

The welfare and safety of all students whilst in the academy is of paramount importance to me, as it is on the journey to and from the academy at either end of the day. I am becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of basic road safety awareness displayed by some of our academy members that I have witnessed and have had reported to me by staff, parents and members of the public. In an academy of 1200 students, the actions of a small number are causing me great concern and doing nothing to support the growing reputation of the academy in the city. Hence I feel the need to write to you all and ask for your support.


Please can I ask that, alongside staff at the academy, you reinforce the expectations and requirements of both pedestrians and cyclists, along with the rules of the road in relation to the latter? Cycling on pavements is not permitted. Riding on the road several bicycles abreast is also extremely dangerous. We do not currently insist on helmets for cyclists and there is great world-wide debate on this. My personal strong recommendation as a regular club cyclist is they should be worn at all times.


Regrettably the actions of the few may cause me to take further steps to ensure the safety of all. There will be regular patrols on and around academy property and culprits who fail to meet these expectations can expect to be dealt with. Some may find they are no longer allowed to bring their bikes on to academy property.


I have copied this open letter to all our local partner primary schools to display on their website and newsletter if they wish. I have no intention of allowing a small number of students to provide a negative impression of our academy community as a whole and impact on the growing reputation we are establishing. 

I look forward to your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely

David Bishop