2018 October Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers 

Something we are trying really hard to do is to say ‘well done’ more when things go well. A lot has gone well this term and I spent an assembly recently talking about some of those successes. 

? As an academy, we are bigger; much bigger. This is due to more students wanting to come here, which is brilliant. Year seven is by far our biggest year and next year’s group is set to be bigger still. 

? Numbers looking round on our many open events recently support this 

? Our sixth form is bigger and still growing 

? More students are moving on to high level apprenticeships and all those who applied to 


university got their first choice place, plus two who did not apply (initially) 

? Many more students achieved strong passes at GCSE (grade 5 or better, in new money) in core subjects like English, maths and science 

? We put on around 1500 clubs and activities after school for students to engage in and we gave out significant numbers of awards and certificates for students who attended very many of these – lots spending over one hundred hours after school representing us 


We also talked about what it takes to be successful – really successful. This included areas you can support your children in. They include: 

? Getting the basics right, every lesson, every day – attendance, punctuality, uniform, 

equipment, classroom expectations 

? Going the extra mile – independent study/revision/extra reading/enrichment. These days, the ‘basics’ aren’t enough to ensure success. You have to do the hard yards. Homework is crucial and your children will not reach their expectations without additional study out of lessons – unfortunately that is the reality. Revision doesn’t mean reading your notes the night before an exam. Students ‘revise’ at the start of every lesson and need to do so at home regularly to consolidate what they have learned. The less frequently you do this, the more you forget 

? Building social capital supports learning. Where possible encourage your children to look 

beyond You Tube and watch the news, read a newspaper or on-line outlet, watch a film, see a play, read a book. The broader the horizons the more experience students have to fall back on 

Seeing the big picture – where do you see yourself? What do you need to do to get there? How much will you earn when you do? The value of high quality careers advice is massive. Students with a clear view of where they want to be and what they need to do to get there will be more successful, determined and driven. Dream big and don’t under-sell yourself 

We talk a lot here about resilience – what do you do when it goes wrong? Because at some point it will. Is it too easy to give up? To walk away and refuse to engage or do you try again, but harder next time? The resilient learner doesn’t walk away, but tries again and again to be successful. We do a lot of work with our students to build their resilience. 

We have had a good start, as have Worcester. Mid table as I write. You have to be resilient to be a Warriors fan 

Enjoy the extended half term. Just to remind you, we are not back until Wednesday 31st October and the office will also be shut until that day. 

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