Newsletter - March 2019

Dear Parents and Carers 

The fine weather and the aroma of freshly cut grass can only signal that we are heading rapidly towards Easter and then, even more rapidly straight into full examination season. Some practical subjects have, or are about to, start elements of their exams. With next term lasting less than five weeks we will be fully into exam season before we know it. 

All students sitting exams this season have been given significant numbers of resources to help them prepare. As parents and carers, please ensure that you support their use by ensuring students are studying at home, as well as at school. Easter will provide many opportunities for students to attend revision classes and begin final revision preparations. Timetables are available for all these sessions. 

It has been an incredibly busy and challenging time since January, with a great number of changes on the way. Whilst all this goes on, staff and 

students continue to work extremely hard to ensure everyone gets the best possible deal every day. For this I give them all my thanks. Thank you to you, too, for your feedback, comments and support over the past term. Can I once again commend to you a fantastic staff who every day go above and beyond for your children. The outcomes are well documented via our social media links, but again this term we have seen success in and out of the classroom in the arts, computing and sport, as well as in significant numbers of after school clubs in areas including science, IT and poetry. You will see much more about many of these matters in this newsletter. 

At Easter we will say goodbye to Lauren Brobyn. Lauren has worked with us in our front office and has met many of you as a result. She leaves with our very best wishes for the future. 

By the time I write again, Worcester will have played Gloucester, both side’s fate in the league and Europe will be decided and we’ll know a lot more about the chances in our Ashes Summer. As you know, I have given up making predictions. 

Have a lovely Easter in the (hopefully) fine weather. 
Kind Regards
David Bishop

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