Ofsted Action Plan

Beaufort Co-operative Academy Post-OFSTED Action Plan

1.     Improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and so raise standards by:

a)         Ensuring that teachers have high expectations of pupils, whatever their starting point

1.a1     Assessment data accurately represents what students are able to do and what they need to do next to further improve

            All teachers plan lessons and series of lessons that are appropriately challenging based on pupils’ prior ability and present capability

            Homework is set and marked regularly using Show My Homework and enhances the curriculum delivery in the classroom

1.a2     Senior and Middle Leaders regularly review the progress of individuals and groups of learners using 4Matrix and put in place effective strategies to    target underachievement, including effective planning and evaluation of lessons and series of lessons (ref. 1.a1)

1.a3     Prior data, especially key stage 2 data is used effectively to provide a baseline from which to set accurate and challenging progress targets

1.a4     CEIAG is used highly effectively at all key stages to ensure students are aspirant and keen to do well and make excellent progress

b)           Ensuring that teachers set work that meets pupils’ needs

1.b1     Appropriate levels of challenge in all lessons, but especially for the most able and HPA learners

            All SEN information is used in the planning of lessons to meet the needs of students with SEN requirements

1.b2     High levels of literacy are a clear focus in ensuring that all pupils have work set that is appropriate to their level of ability

            There is a clear focus on students’ ability to be effective readers and therefore access the curriculum more effectively

c)           Making sure teachers address pupils’ misconceptions quickly and pupils understand clearly how to improve their work

1.c1     Marking and feedback is consistent and effective at identifying misconceptions and identifying how pupils can improve

            Questioning is effective in identifying what students know and what they need to do next in order to reach the next level

d)           Supporting disadvantaged pupils so that they can make much better progress

1.d1     Pupil Premium funding is used effectively to ensure that Disadvantaged learners make much more rapid progress

            Planning is effective in identifying the needs of Disadvantaged students and strategies to rapidly accelerate their progress in all subjects

1.d2     Catch up funding is used effectively to ensure students make accelerated progress swiftly


2.     Improve pupils’ personal development, behavior and welfare by:

a)          Continuing to improve attendance and reducing the number of pupils who are persistently absent

2.a1     Senior and middle leaders continue to focus on key identified groups whose attendance is below expectation

2.a2     Regular review of attendance data highlights groups and individuals for intervention such as

           Form tutor intervention

           HoY intervention

           Home visit

           Attendance panel

            Reduce the number of students identified as Persistently Absent

b)          Ensuring that staff take a robust approach to tackling behaviour and managing low-level disruption, so learning can proceed smoothly

2.b1     Continue to provide RP training for all staff to ensure they are equipped to deal effectively with classroom disruption

2.b2     Deal robustly and swiftly with all incidents of disruptive behaviour to ensure there is a positive climate for learning

            Identify and focus on non-negotiables in classroom management

2.b3     Continue to reward positive behaviour through class charts and promote a positive climate and strong work ethic

2.b4     Review duties and social time areas to ensure that behaviour outside of lessons is calm and orderly

c)          Ensuring that pupils take a greater pride in the quality of work they produce, including the way it is presented

2.c1     Ensure consistency of standards for presentation and pride in all work, especially written work, through a consistently applied policy 

            Staff to encourage and model appropriate oral and written responses within the classroom.

3.     Improve leadership and management by:

a)    Ensuring that governors hold leaders to account effectively

3.a1Conduct an external review of Governance, including strengths and areas for development and report findings to LGB and MAT Board

b)          Strengthening school improvement processes so that leaders focus on key issues and regularly review the effectiveness of any strategies they      introduce

3.b1     Refocus school improvement on core priorities from POAP

3.b2     Review roles and structure of SLT, (including sub-groups) to provide capacity to drive rapid improvement in key areas

            Reinforce quality assurance processes in areas such as teaching and learning to ensure improvement and the effectiveness of strategies can be        accurately assessed

c)          Improving communication between leaders so that their intentions can be implemented effectively

3.c1     A clear vision for rapid improvement is articulated to all from senior leaders

3.c2     Review leadership communication structures to ensure all priorities are communicated in an effective and timely manner to all leaders

d)          Urgently reviewing the curriculum provision for all pupils

3.d1     Carry out a full curriculum review of all key stages to ensure that provision is engaging, provides appropriate progression paths and is cost effective

3.d2     Ensure that the curriculum at all key stages is challenging and allows all students to make at least good progress

e)          Developing middle leaders’ capacity to improve teaching, learning, assessment and outcomes in their subject areas

3.e1     Provide further training to middle leaders in challenging and holding departments to account for the progress of all learners, including the use of 4Matrix

3.e2     Review the role and core priorities of middle leaders to ensure that all are focused on the core priorities of school improvement