Year 10 Link Meeting

Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience runs from 9th July – 13th July.

If you need any information or support please email

Mr Lockett at the address below.

[email protected]

Class Charts

  • ClassCharts is an innovative piece of software that Beaufort has invested in to improve home school communication in respect of your childs experience at school.
  • All parents and students should have now received their login details for ClassCharts to enable you to monitor ‘live’ the awards of ‘positive’ and ‘negatives’ to your child.
  • ClassCharts will provide details of the nature of the award, the class in which it was issued, and by which teacher or member of staff.
  • Please check ClassCharts regularly to monitor how your child is progressing at school, the awards of any positive and negative points and engage in discussion with your child about their school experience.
  • Please contact Mr King or Miss Harris if you have any questions regarding ClassCharts or are experiencing problems logging in.

Rewards Trip

Show My Homework

Students login to Show My Homework with there Academy Email address and their normal password.

Show My Homework