Beaufort Co-operative Academy Inspection Report 2018 - Sixth Form Extract ?

I’m Katie Adlam, head girl at Beaufort, and I would like to welcome you to our academy website.

At Beaufort Co-operative Academy, there are a range of opportunities offered to students with regards to GCSE and A-level subjects, as well as extracurricular activities. The facilities we have here support the focus on extracurricular and timetabled lessons as we have a range of environments suited to various subjects throughout the school; allowing all students to engage fully in their subjects. One of these facilities is the sixth form centre which contains both a study room and a refectory which are specifically for sixth form students to use in their studies.

I have been at Beaufort since year 7 and believe that this school has been crucial in my personal and academic development. For me the most positive attribute of the school is the staff, and throughout the years I’ve been at Beaufort, the support and encouragement from them has been immense. I have always been encouraged to work to the best of my ability and strive to achieve as best I can, which I think was instrumental in helping me achieve all that I have so far.

I hope this gives you some insight into our school and the value it places on our students’ education.

Thank you

Katie Adlam


My name is Iredia Ochiagha and, as this year’s head boy, I would like to welcome you to Beaufort Co-operative Academy. 

I started at Beaufort in September of 2013 in year 8. Since then I have developed through the years both personally and academically thanks to the constantly improving standard of teaching, management and student-teacher interactions. Beaufort was my first choice as a secondary school. I am glad to say I made the right decision, both staff and students made me feel immensely welcome and ensured that, as a new student from a different country, I found my way around the school and was integrated into the school smoothly.

As a student moving into the sixth form, I found the more social and self-managing environment a welcome change and have enjoyed the new environment so far. Both the lower school and the sixth form offer a range of subjects especially from year 9 onwards. This means, the students can take some control of their own learning allowing pupils to excel as they are studying subjects of which they have great academic ability, or a genuine interest in. The sixth form centre is however what I’m most proud of about the academy.

The sports centre offers a range of facilities including a weights room, fitness studio, sports hall, swimming pool, MUGA and several rugby and football fields. The use of the sporting facilities are encouraged year-round across the school. I have spent 5 years at Beaufort, playing rugby, football, cricket and basketball during my time here. This is mainly thanks to the fantastic facilities and encouragement offered by the PE department. 

Based on my 5 years here at Beaufort, I would highly recommend this school both as a secondary school and a sixth form. I earnestly believe Beaufort will offer you a great pathway to success.

Thank you,

Iredia Ochiagha