Attendance Guidance

At Beaufort Co-operative Academy we recognise that regular attendance at school is the most critical factor in ensuring academic attainment and progress. We have a clear expectation that students should attend 100% of the time.

The school day starts at 8.30 with tutor registration. It is important that all pupils are punctual for this first session of the day as our tutors greet the students, ensure they are ready for their learning, give out important notices and take the legal register. Ourtutors are the first point of contact for parents and students for any academic or social concerns.

We do understand that sometimes absences from school are unavoidable, especially in the case of serious illness or injury, sudden and unavoidable change in family circumstance or bereavement. In such cases parents should contact the school on the first day of absence to explain the situation. Parents/carers should phone in on each day of an absence. An accumulation of unauthorised absences will be referred to the local authority. Gloucestershire County Council – leaflet for parents: attendance 

Any difficulties in attending school should be discussed with Mrs Edwards or Miss Harrington, our Attendance Officers – [email protected] or call 01452 301381 - who can liaise with our Pastoral teams to ensure all the necessary support can be put in place to help pupils attend school regularly.

There are 190 school days per year and 175 other days for holidays, birthday treats and non-urgent appointments. The school cannot authorise any holidays during term time. Any requests for holiday should be made in writing to Mr King (Assistant Principal) as early as possible and holidays should not be booked until they have been discussed with the academy. Parents taking students on unauthorised holidays during term time are likely to be issued with a penalty notice. Gloucestershire County Council – leaflet for parents: penalty notice

Any significant periods of unexplained or unauthorised absences could be referred to the local authority who may take legal action against parents who fail to ensure their children attend school regularly. Following changes to government standards any student whose attendance falls below 90% will be considered a “Persistent Absentee”. This means they are at serious risk of failing to make the progress expected of them and could seriously limit their academic success. Gloucestershire County Council – leaflet for parents: prosecution

Attendance Rewards

Students who manage 100% attendance each term will be rewarded with a certificate of achievement. Furthermore, at the end of each term, a rewards event is held in each year group – one pre requisite for an invitation is 100% attendance. Finally, students who have 100% attendance for the entire year will be entered into the prize draw for the end of the year. This year’s prize are a mountain bike for two lucky winners drawn at random from the list of students with perfect attendance!

Tutor groups with the best attendance each week win themselves a box of chocolates for their efforts and the best attendance over a term is acknowledged via a rewards breakfast. 

Improving Attendance

As we raise the profile of the importance of good attendance across the academy, we also offer all students access to a wide range of professionals who can support individuals with specific issues relating to their attendance. Students can speak with their tutor; their Head of Year; their Head of House, the Attendance Team, Education Welfare Officer, members of the Behaviour and inclusion team, as well as the School Nurse.

We have a Breakfast Club at the academy, as we aim to reinforce the importance, not merely of attendance, but punctual, consistent, timely attendance, preparing all our students for life, further study and employment beyond school.