This contains important information which candidates and parents need to be aware of for all exam sessions.

The exam boards have issued ‘Warning to Candidates’ and ‘Information to Candidates’ notices, which all candidates should read to familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations required of them.  These can be viewed here and are prominently displayed outside the Main Hall.

Exams will take place in the MAIN and SMALL HALLS, but other rooms may also be used. It is important that students look at the Room Timetable displayed on the Exams Information Board in the Foyer on a regular basis throughout the exam period.

Please be aware that no bags or personal belongings, except for necessary equipment, will be allowed inside the exam room and will be left outside of the room. There is CCTV operating within the Academy, however we suggest that no valuable items be brought into Academy on the day of an exam.

Start Times

  • Morning Session Starts 8:45am – arrive no later than 8:30am
  • Afternoon Session Starts 1:45pm – arrive no later than 1:30pm

Due to the altered timings of the day, we aim to start at 1.45pm however, some afternoon exams may not start until 2pm and finish after 4pm. The Academy buses will start / return at usual times, so please make appropriate arrangements to get home.


  • Students who are unwell and cannot attend an examination should telephone the Academy on 01452 301381 and leave a message with details for the absence for the attention of the Exams Office.  A Doctor’s Note will be required for any applications for exam board considerations.

What happens if I am late for my GCE/GCSE Exams?

All late candidates must report to the main reception area and must NOT enter the exam room without a member of staff present.

If you arrive after the exam has finished.

  • If you arrive after the scheduled finishing time, you will not be able to take the exam.  You will be marked as absent.

If you arrive after the start of the exam.

  • If you arrive up to 1 hour after the published starting time you may be allowed into the exam room and providing the Academy is able to arrange adequate supervision arrangements you will be allowed the full time of the exam.  Otherwise the remainder of the published exam time will be allowed.
  • If you arrive more than 1 hour after the published starting time you may be allowed into the exam room and the remainder of the time allowed. You will be informed that the script will be sent to the exam board but the awarding board has the right not to accept the script.



Any candidates who have timetable CLASHES will be given a separate letter with more detailed information.  If you still have any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact the exams office for further guidance. 

Name on Certifficates

  • the exam timetable shows how your name will appear on ceriffcates.
  • this must be your legal name so please check this carefully and inform us immedicately of any amendments.

Reminder to all Students:

  • Study your exam timetable carefully and note the dates and times of all your examinations (am or pm?) 
  •  Any changes to the exam timetables already issued will be reprinted and issued to students via the Academy registers.
  • The correct Beaufort uniform must be worn throughout the exam session. 
  • Ensure you have the necessary equipment BLACK BALL PENS ONLY (NO GEL PENS ALLOWED), pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator (if permitted) etc – students can purchase pens at 20p each at the Library before the start of exams. 
  • Only transparent pencil cases will be allowed into the exam room. 
  • Transparent bottles containing water (with all labels removed) are permitted for hydration purposes.  No cans / fizzy drinks allowed.
  • Personal belongings will not be permitted in the Exam Rooms.  All belongings will be kept outside the room.  We therefore suggest that any valuable items remain at home on the day of the exam.
  • MOBILE PHONES / MP3/4 PLAYERS /  SMART WATCHES / iPODS / OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES need to remain at home or given to a friend for safe keeping during the exam.  Such equipment must not be brought into the exam room. Exam Boards and the Academy take a breach of this ruling extremely seriously.  Possession of unauthorised items is a serious offence and could result in DISQUALIFICATION from the current examination and the overall qualification.
  •  A new exam ruling also means that wristwatches must not be worn in the exam hall.
  • Students will be called into each exam, in exam number order. A card with individual candidate number / centre number / candidate name will be placed on each desk.
  • Good behaviour and co-operation with Invigilators is essential before exam entry, during the exam and dismissal in an orderly manner after the exam has ended.  Please help us to help you.  Any misdemeanors reported to the Exams Officer / Leadership team could lead to your exam results being withdrawn.

Students should help themselves by thorough preparation, revision and by attention to all exam guidelines.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Academy if there are any points which you are uncertain about and do remember to look at the Exams Information Board regularly.

Good luck with all your exams.

Information for Candidates

Warning to Candidates

Information to Candidates - No Mobile Phones

Information to Candidates - Written Exams

Information to Candidates - Onscreen Tests

Information to Candidates - Controlled Assessment 

Information to Candidates - Social Media

Information to Candidates - Coursework

Information to Candidates - Privacy Notice

All the above are links to the Joint Qualifications Council (JCQ) website and are not updated by Beaufort.

Post Results Services and Appeals - Student Information

In school on Results Day, there will be many teachers and members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) available to talk to students about their results.

If students have concerns regarding their overall subject grade after publication of results they must speak to their subject teacher as soon as possible but preferably speak to the Head of that Department or a member of SLT. They will discuss your result and any concerns you may have with you.

If you are not able to do this in person, you can email the full details and outline of your concerns to [email protected] and the Exams Office will forward your email to the relevant person.

There are a number of services that all Exam Awarding Bodies offer, which include reviewing the basic clerical steps involved in awarding a grade, to having the piece of work looked at by an Examiner or having access to a copy of your script. Further details of all services available can be obtained from the Exams Office.

All post results service requests must be made through the school as candidates cannot apply for these directly to the Board. It is very important that candidates should be aware, that as a result of any enquiry, marks and/or grades may also go down or stay the same as well as going up.  

You must sign a Consent Form before any service is applied for.

 If you have any questions please speak to any member in the Exams Office.

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