My name is Jake Kellaway and, as this year’s head boy, I would like to welcome you to Beaufort Co-operative Academy.  

I started at Beaufort in September 2011 and have developed through the academic years both personally and academically thanks to the constantly improving standard of teaching, management and student-teacher interactions. Beaufort was my first choice as a secondary school and I am glad to say I made the right decision. Both staff and students made me feel immensely welcome and ensured that, as a new student, I found my way around the school and was integrated into the school smoothly.

As a student moving into the sixth form, I found the more social and self-managing environment a welcome change and have enjoyed the new environment thus far. The sixth form centre is however, the crown jewel of the academy with the independent study room offering a number of computers connected to the internet for students use when completing homework tasks and assignments.

Both the lower school and the sixth form offer a range of subjects which means, especially from year 9 onwards, the students can take some control of their own learning. This allows pupils to excel as they are studying subjects of which they have a genuine interest in.

The sports centre offers a range of facilities including a weights room, fitness studio, sports hall, swimming pool, MUGA and several rugby and football fields. The use of the sporting facilities are encouraged year-round across the school. I have spent 6 years (since I started at Beaufort) playing rugby for the school and have also represented the school at football, cricket and basketball during my time here. This is mainly thanks to the fantastic facilities and encouragement offered by the PE department. 

Based on my personal experience of Beaufort, I would highly recommend Beaufort both as a secondary school and a sixth form as I genuinely believe it will offer you everything you could ask for from a school and more.

Thank you,

Jake Kellaway  



Hello and welcome to the Beaufort Co-operative Academy website. I’m Chloe Jones, the head girl of this Sixth Form.

I have attended this school since year seven and I have not ever considered leaving it. The school is excellent at assisting people to their individual needs and differences. They also support the students that participate in extra-curricular activities, such as myself. They have always encouraged me with my discus throw and still help me out today by assisting me to get to English Schools. They will always encourage your dreams and passions and will never tell you that you cannot reach them. The students are welcoming to any new person who joins the school and considers them as one of the Academy almost straight away.

I am very proud of the facilities that are available at Beaufort especially the sixth form centre, it is a brilliant learning environment that’s full of great facilities and supportive staff that are always willing to help you with your work as well as your dreams of what you want to achieve in the future with further education or a job/apprenticeship. The school has helped me to blossom into the person that I am today with the help of the complimentary staff that are throughout the school. I hope that this has given you an insight to how our school and Sixth Form work together to try to be the best environment for you to achieve or even excel in your education.

Chloe Jones